Scaling (Teeth Cleaning)

To ensure a beautiful healthy smile for life, it's important for both adults and children to clean their teeth at least twice a day. Dentists recommend a gentle but thorough brushing action using a soft toothbrush with a small head and fluoride toothpaste. It is also important that floss is used daily to remove any plaque and food particles from between your teeth.

In addition to home care it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your Dentist. Most Dentists recommend patients have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year in combination with their bi-annual check-up.

A professional clean; also known as a scale and clean, is designed to remove plaque and calculus (tartar build up) that is unable to be removed with normal everyday brushing at home. Such regimes will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

For patients with private health insurance including dental cover, the cost of teeth cleaning is often covered fully or in part by some dental health funds. This often means that patients will have no or very limited out of pocket costs associated with a professional scale and clean. Further information on what your fund covers is available from your individual health fund.