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What is a crown?

A crown, also known as a "cap", is a permanent dental restoration which completely covers the tooth or dental implant. 

By having the crown, it protects the tooth that is either quite broken down or have a large filling or after a root canal treatment. The crown protects the rest of your tooth structure with a strong material so that it can withstand biting forces.

At West Perth Dental Centre, we have 2 ways to make crowns - traditional crown and CEREC same day crown.

Why do I need one?

Why do I need one?
  • Compromised broken tooth
  • Root canal treated tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Large compromised fillings with signs of failure

How do you make a crown?

  1. We numb you up and ascertain that you are comfortable
  2. The tooth will be shaped in a way that allows the dental crown to sit properly
  3. A mould will be taken for your upper and lower teeth.
  4. Temporary Crown is placed to protect the teeth
  5. A Permanent Crown that is custom made for your tooth is done in a local lab in Perth, Australia
  6. Come back in 2 weeks time to replace your temporary crown for the permanent crown

How do you make a CEREC crown?

How do you make a CEREC crown?

It is similar to the traditional crown that is offered. However, you will be able to get the CEREC white porcelain crown on the same day. 

How do I know what Crown to go for?

Every patient is different and so is every tooth. Our dentist will discuss the pros and cons of traditional crown in comparison to CEREC crown. 

For traditional crowns, we closely collaborate with local Perth labs and work tightly with them. Materials that are offered include Zirconia, Ceramic, combination of ceramic and metal, or Gold alloy.

For CEREC crowns, we have the ability to do in house crown fabrication and able to provide to you on the same day.

Benefits of Crown & Bridge

Dental Crowns

  • Protects or restores your tooth structure

  • Confidence form a complete smile

  • Longest lasting dental resoration


Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Restore function of your teeth

  • Distribute chewing force equally to the supporting teeth

  • Improve your smile

  • Durability

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