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What is Wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom teeth extraction is the removal of your wisdom tooth. It usually can be done within one seating and is a fairly straightforward procedure.

Why remove the wisdom teeth?

Why remove the wisdom teeth?

This is very important : Not every wisdom tooth needs to be taken out!

At West Perth Dental Centre, we primarily factor in these key reasons to have them removed:

  1. Pain - because toothaches the worst
  2. Dental Decay - Dental decay/caries can happen on the wisdom tooth or its neighbouring teeth. Primarily, the tooth in front. Removing the Wisdom teeth early prevent the possibility of removing neighbouring teeth in the future also.
  3. Peri-apical pathology - infection around the base of your teeth
  4. Pericoronitis & Food Trap - the pocket of gum covering the wisdom teeth traps the food and bacteria builds up.
  5. Occlusal Interference - Sometimes the opposing wisdom teeth needs to be extracted at the same time. This is simply because teeth are not very smart and that they will keep growing or moving until something stops them - like the opposing tooth. For example, if we took one tooth out and left the opposing tooth to keep moving, it may eventually cause trauma on the gum area or even your cheek. Therefore, to take out the 1 set of teeth would save time, avoice possible future problems, and minimise down time.

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